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About Us

A Little About Who We Are...

We started in 1982 as a small family-owned auction business. Today, McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. is widely recognized as one of the leading auctioneering and appraising companies in Saskatchewan. Along the way, we have built a solid reputation for reliable appraisals and successful auctions, liquidations, and consignment sales.

The quality of our work, along with our experience, knowledge and personable interactions with customers has allowed us the opportunity to expand our business into Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. Along with the 2 locations in Saskatchewan, this now gives us 5 locations to enable us to serve you across Canada from coast-to-coast.

Our sales are online based with the option to "sell it where it sits". This gives us the ability to serve clients in remote locations as well as urban centers regardless of if we offer a physical location. With our high-traffic website receiving over 4,000,000 views per month, the sky is the limit when selling your equipment, vehicles, merchandise or home.

We are a small company with the capabilities of a large corporation and are a family-owned business that treats you as one of our own. Offering you these services and being able to provide you with a job well done is something we're passionate about. We are grateful, excited and proud to offer you 5 locations and the opportunity to sell your items in Canada and worldwide.

Although our experience and expertise cover a broad spectrum, the core of our business is in the following areas:

      •    Commercial Equipment
      •    Business Inventories
      •    Restaurants & Commercial Shops
      •    Farm Auctions
      •    Agricultural Equipment
      •    Industrial Equipment
      •    Vehicles
      •    Recreational Equipment
      •    Antiques
      •    Real Estate


We have grown over the years and, today, have the knowledge, experience and capacity to successfully tackle even the largest and most complex projects. We, however, are still a small company at heart, taking pride in offering the flexibility and personalized service that only a small family business can provide. Each and every auction and client is important to us, and this is reflected in the service we provide. We're a company that cares.

"Satisfied clientele is the yardstick by which we measure our success."

Our Clients Include:

  •    Bailiffs
  •    Lawyers
  •    Government Departments
  •    Trustees in Bankruptcy
  •    Private & Public Corporations
  •    Executor & Trust Companies
  •    Insurance Companies
  •    Cities & Municipalities
  •    Private Individuals

Here Are The Services We Can Offer You

Auctions & Sales:


  •     On your site, or at one of our locations
  •     One equipment piece, or the entire farm


  •     Scheduled sell-down of inventory



  •     Freight to sale


  •     Guaranteed minimums on auction - Placing a "Reserve"
  •     Cash buy-outs


  •     Storage facilities
  •     Freight - removal of assets


    • Certified Court Appraiser
    • Members - Canadian Personal Property Appraiser

      •     Business equipment
      •     Inventory
      •     Turn-Key Business & Fair Market Values
      •     Agricultural Equipment
      •     Farm Assets
      •     Construction Equipment
      •     Vehicles
      •     Personal Effects
      •     Household Effects
      •     Antiques & Estate Items

      •     Partnership Dissolvements
      •     Company Close-Outs
      •     Bankruptcies
      •     Financing
      •     Divorce Settlements
      •     Probate of Wills
      •     Estate Settlements
      •     Insurance Valuation