About McDougall Auctioneers

A Little About Who We Are...

W e started approximately 40 years ago as a small family-owned auction business. Today, McDougall Auctioneers Ltd. is widely recognized as one of the leading auctioneering and appraising companies in Saskatchewan. Along the way, we have built a solid reputation for reliable appraisals and for successful auctions, liquidations, and consignment sales.

Although our experience and expertise cover a broad spectrum, the core of our business is in the following areas:

      •    Commercial Equipment
      •    Business Inventories and Liquidations
      •    Restaurants & Commercial Shops
      •    Farm Auctions
      •    Agricultural Equipment
      •    Industrial Equipment
      •    Vehicles
      •    Recreational Equipment
      •    Antiques
      •    Real Estate


Y es, we have grown over the years. Today we have the knowledge, experience and capacity to successfully tackle even the largest and most complex projects - but we are still a small company at heart. We take pride in offering the flexibility and personalized service that only a small family business can provide. Every auction and every client is important to us, and this is reflected in the service we provide. We care!

"Satisfied clientele is the yardstick by which we measure our success."

Our Clients Include:

  •    Bailiffs
  •    Lawyers
  •    Government Departments
  •    Trustees in Bankruptcy
  •    Private & Public Corporations
  •    Executor & Trust Companies
  •    Insurance Companies
  •    Cities & Municipalities
  •    Private Individuals